20 May: Playoffs & Presentation: Heswall LTC have very kindly offered to host on Saturday 7 September starting at 9am
30 May: Reminder: Final of Wirral Tankard & Plate will be held at Upton LTC on Sunday 15 September

11 Sep: Playoffs & Presentation Evening were held at Wallasey Manor on Saturday 8 September. Result scans will be put on website in due course. The results are in the electronic system http://resultstennis.co.uk/wirralsummer/   In summary the results were:
Div 1: Heswall1 10   Neston2 3
Div 2: Hoylake2 8 (60)   Pinewood1 8 (51) 
Div 3: Oxton2 10   WallaseyManor2 6
Div 4: Pinewood2 9   Hoylake4 4
Div 5: Thorndale5 8 (79)   Heswall4 8 (69)
Men Div 1: Hoylake1 W/O   Hoylake2 Conceded
Men Div 2: Upton1 5   Bertram1 3

2 Nov: NEW MATCH RESULT RECORDING system is now LIVE: ALL results will now be entered using the new entry system bowlingresults.co.uk/wirraltennis. The new system will also show league tables / fixtures and other stats. Home teams enter the result for which you will need your clubs password. Away teams can check the result has been entered correctly. You should be able to enter results via Smartphone so please enter RESULTS on the SAME DAY as the match ideally while your opponents can watch.
The new system will enable each club to enter their results electronically into the system.

It will be SIMPLER than on proforma to enter results and will automatically update league tables etc. It also will show fixtures & League Tables and individual stats.
As now it will be home club (team) to enter results. Away teams will be able to check.

  • Player name will be from dropdown list
  • Players need to be registered on system:
    • Names from Summer registrations have already been input
    • Clubs can enter additional players names
    • To start with you can send me a spreadsheet of names instead of entering them individually
  • Where possible when entering set score it is intuitive. eg if you enter 3 it will assume score is 3/6
  • 3rd set scores need to be entered as is eg 12/10  10/7
  • Rubber score is automatically calculated eg 2-0
  • Total Sets is automatically calculated
  • League points score is automatically calculated 
The system is accessed using http://bowlingresults. co.uk/wirraltennis/
  • Anyone can access the the new system
  • To update (ie enter results) a password is required. Each club will be given 1 password 
  • I will email your clubs password to all Winter clubs contacts today

Thursday 4 October:
  • Distribute passwords to all clubs (email contacts)
  • Clubs to have a play (TEST) with the system (ie enter made up results), look up Tables / Fixtures / etc
Latest Sunday 15 October:
  • Feedback any problems with the system
Latest Wednesday 1 Novenmber:
  • Any updates/changes required to be made to system
  • ALL TEST/MADE UP RESULTS will be deleted and we start with a clean slate (Players Names will not be deleted)
Sunday 6 November:
  • System live (from MATCH 04)
  • ALL results MUST now be entered using new system. Ideally same day.
Latest Saturday 12 November::
  • Clubs to enter RESULTS for MATCHES 1,2 & 3 (that's only 1 or 2 per team, Result cards are on website for reference.
ENJOY! Inline image


This year we are pleased to announce the Wirral Tankard and the Wirral Plate. The Wirral Tankard will be run as usual and the Wirral Plate competition is open to all clubs who lose their first match.

Unfortunately, due to the tight schedule, any club given a bye or a walkover in the first round will not be eligible if it loses in the second round. A club giving a walkover will not be eligible for the Plate competition. Clubs eligible for the plate competition shall automatically be entered unless the tournament secretary is notified. 

The WIRRAL TANKARD & WIRRAL PLATE will take place on the following dates
·           1st Round of Tankard is to be played on Tuesday 9th August, at 6.15 p.m.
·           2nd Round of Tankard & 1st Round of Plate is to be played on Tuesday 16th August, at 6.15 p.m
·           3rd Round of Tankard & 2nd Round of Plate is to be played on Tuesday 23rd August, at 6.15 p.m.
·           BOTH the final of the Tankard and Plate will be held at Prenton LTC on Sunday 18th September. 
Plate final will start @1pm & the Tankard final will start @3pm
·           Each match will be seven events, with no player to compete in more than one even

2 x Men's singles
2 x Ladies singles
1 x Men's doubles
1 x Ladies doubles
1 x Mixed doubles
·           All matches to be the best of 3 tie-break sets
·           Four events are to be played on the courts of the home club and three on their opponent’s courts
·           The home captain is to contact the opposing captain and define where each event is to be played. The host clubs are to provide new balls
·           On the day of the final the event organiser is to be given a sealed envelope containing the list of competitors for each event, before the start of play 

Please supply the name, address, mobile phone number andemail address of your clubs nominated contact person by replying to Mark Powers at the following email address - mark.powers@cmlex.com 
The tournament will be run by email and text
Entry for the tournament is £5.00, and can be made by bank transfer to the following account:
 Bank:                           Barclays
Sort code:                    20-50-36
Account Name:           Wirral Tennis League
Account Number:        20977594
Reference:                  Your club name (important)

If you cannot pay by EFT then send payment to: TREASURER:Matt Webb  10, Bidston Hall Farm  Bidston Village Road  Prenton  Wirral  CH43 7RZ 

The closing date for entries is TUESDAY 14th JUNE and the draw will take place at WTL CM2 on Thursday 16th June at Heswall Tennis Club, the meeting start time is 7:30pm.

Good luck to all clubs fielding a team!

Presentation initial ticket allocations. Need to reply to Matt Webb by Sat 23Aug
Thorndale 1 & 2 play their home matches at Thorndale.
Thorndale 3 & 4 play their home matches at Bidston with tea back at Thorndale
Thorndale 5 play their home matches at North Cheshire with tea back at Thorndale
Oxton play their overflow matches at Woodchurch High School Sports Centre CarrBridge Road Woodchurch. Oxton will inform appropriate teams. Details: Oxton fixtures  pdf.


31 Aug: To all attending playoffs and presentation on Saturday 7 September:
Hoylake LTC have generously offered the use of ALL their courts for the inaugural playoff bonanza.
Please inform your players (and supporters) that it is important for Hoylake to maintain a good relationship with their neighbours and therefore parking should be on the courtside of Eddisbury Road (ie opposite the residential properties) in compliance with the notices on the court boundary fence.
Please allow enough time for parking.

22 Aug: Reminders:
Requests for tickets for Presentation Evening at Hoylake LTC on Sat 7 Sep must be made by 24 Aug (see you club contact). All playoffs will be held at Hoylake LTC on Sat 7 Sep starting at 9am. All welcome to watch. For schedule see fixtures.

21 Aug: Final report          pdf version
2 Aug: Week 14 report     pdf version
26 Jul: Week 13 report
19 Jul: Week 12 report
23 Jun: Reminder: Playoffs (5 mixed & 2 mens) will be at Hoylake LTC on Sat 7 Sep 2013
9 May: Upton 2 Men have withdrawn from league
3 May: New scoring system: There are now up to 2 points available per rubber (not 3). For display purposes ONLY the numbers in results and tables are shown rounded (eg .33 is rounded down. .67 is rounded up). The actual number is retained to 2 decimal places.  The actual league points are written in green (unless no change to card required). See result card scans (when published). For further details see AGM minutes & Rules.
28 Apr: Hoylake Car Parking - Polite Notice: Please can all visitors to the club consider the local residents when parking. Hoylake suggest that cars are parked  on the court side of Eddisbury Road and that cars parked near the end of the road, should leave enough room for other cars to safely manoeuvre around the corner.